Everyone learns "stuff" as they travel along the road of life.  It has been my experience that people develop different levels of understanding about the lessons.  People come to clarity about "the lessons" at different times and different rates.   The  lessons themselves have lessons within them.  You might have a friend or relative  who tells you the same story of woundedness or insult over and over adnauseum.  You might have a friend who runs into exactly the same kind of "bad luck" over and over again no matter what they do.
This is not a bad thing in itself but it does give you a clue about how the "teller" is percieving the lessons in their life.  A dear friend and prayer partner of mine and I have a kind of "code" as we rant to each other about the storms of life.  One of us usually falls into a deep silence  while listening to the other's tale of  woe.  In chorus, we then burst into the same obvious statement that we have told each other at least a million times: "When the lesson repeats.......it's becasuse you never learned it  the first time."   Think of it, if you are in the same unpleasant situation for  the one-millioneth time, what's the only element that is exactly the same?
What comes flying out of your mouth?
Have you ever had a different name, marriage doesn't count!
Have you ever done anything right?o add text.
Sing whenever you
have a chance!
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