You know, there's ugly "out there", but there's beauty out there too.  This was taken in the humble forest preserves of Cook County near Chicago.
   So, what's the point of all this>?  Jesus sent out his disciples  two by two.  He knew that they would be helping each other as well as the people they ministered to.  One of the things that I have learned on the journey is that we are expected to help each other.  How can I help you?
Well, I can give you info about how the trip has been for me as well as my opinions based on over sixty years of "zig-zag" travel.   You can soak in all the beauty shots and "wisdoms" that are scattered throughout the site.  I proudly admit that I took all the shots on this and my "mission" page myself.   It's better than cats, so far (joke).  I believe that beauty in all of it's forms is healing.  You can access my writing,  Some people think it's not bad!
You could send me questions or comments or maybe just "vent".  I WILL return your e-mail.  I am also available for spiritual direction via the phone.  No this is not hocus-pocus but a time honored spiritual practice rooted in the Catholic Church.  Sometimes you wonder about prayer and your dialogue with the Lord.  Sometimes it works for you and sometimes not.  A spiritual director is a companion who will travel with you, reflect your experiences and help you take a broader perspective about where your spiritual journey is going.
I was trained in a two year program called "Walking to Emmaus" run by the Archdiocese of Chicago and I also hold a Master's Degree in Pastoral Studies from the Catholic Theological Union.  Enjoy my site.  Contact me if I can assist your journey in any way.
                                        Kathryn,  The Traveler
Photogs call the end of each day the "Golden Hour" when the sun bids good bye and gives the day a final kiss. The colors at this hour are not repeated at any other time and last only a few precious minutes.
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God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. God saw that light was good.                Genesis 1:2In the greatness of his love for those who fear him; he takes our sins farther away than the east is from the west.                    Psalm 103:12You stretch the heavens out like a tent, you build your palace on the waters above: using the clouds as your chariot. Ps 104:3To the waters of repose he leads me; there he revives my soul. Ps 23:2In the evening you say:  "'It will be fine there is a red sky.' ..You know how to read the face of the  sky, but you cannot read the signs of the times." Mt. 16: 2-4.Though you do not know me , I arm you that men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun that, apart from me, all is nothing.  Is. 45:6I have dispelled your faults like a cloud, your sins like a mist.  Come back to me for I have redeemed you.  Is.44:22
Don't by pass the beauty right under your nose!
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