What's your mission in life?  Have fun, make money, just hang out?  Or is there something that just "niggles at you" that makes you believe that it's "more".   It's easy to get caught up in the vortex of job, money, career, family and ignore the voice.  But as I got closer to retirement I knew that the voice was prabably more important than any of the other stuff I had been occupied with.  It became obvious to me that I needed a theology degree, so I finished one.  An old talent surfaced again........I can write.  So in a nutshell I believe that I have something to say about faith and life that people can use and maybe ever grab on to.  As I said on page one, I'm the Traveler.  I hope my view can give you a little encouragement and some wisdon to keep you afloat while you try to figure out life's connundrums, like the picture to the right!
In this picture for instance,  look closely.  What do you see in this person's hair/scarf?   I leave it to your own personal judgement.  You should know that this is the entrance to the Holy Sepulcher. Yup, in Jerusalem!
Don't be the victim of the past masquerading as the future.
What makes you thirsty?

When I was in the Holy Land many amazing things happend.  It's quite a place.  But one of the most memorable moments occurred on the initial drive into the city. With my "science teacher eyes" I looked out the window and almost yelled!  Look, it's a sparrow, a sparrow, I can't believe it!  In front of my eyes on a bush was a sparrow, instantly recognizable, looking just like an American sparrow!  What's the big deal you say?  Well, in the identical species that live on different continents there is almost always some adaptation or change that makes the resident of the different continent distinct and sometimes unrecognizable from its continental cousin!  But there it was, a sparrow looking just like the ones at home!  It blew the "science part" of my mind.  But then I thought about it.  Isn't the "sparrow parable" recognized by everyone no matter where they live?
.......that God!  He thinks of everything!
Can you not buy two sparrows for a penny?  And yet not one falls to the ground without your Father knowing.  Why every hair on your head has been counted.  So there is no need to be afraid.                                                                           Mt. 10:29-31
This one is Just for the Birds