What's ny story?   I'm  a retired school teacher.  I was a kid on the south-side of Chicago and had an upbringing that was less than ideal.  What else is new, as they say!  Through a crazy set of circumstances I found my way to the Church and found it to be life altering! As they say, God can write straight with crooked lines!  Check out the The Stories page for more information about who I am. 
Another "phase" of my story keeps challenging me in ways I never expected and  that's aging.  It can add fear and confusion on some days and joy and a sense of accomplishment to others.  My head literally  spins as I transition from that science department head,  union president, graduate scholar to "retired person".  It has taken longer than I ever imagined to make friends with that role.  It's not a matter of like or dislike but a change of self image and making friends with that. 
Because that process is so personal I think of Pope John Paul  II a lot.  He chose to age so publically.  He had every power at his disposal to hide his increasing fraility from the world.  He did not do that.  It's as if he had a deep understanding that showing his aging and illness to the world in an unvarnishedd way was a  kind of ministry that couldn't be accomplished in any other manner.  I think that he was beyond brave.  He is my hero!
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The martyrs know that they have found the truth about life in the encounter with Jesus Christ and nothing and no one could take that certainty from them . ... This is why their word inspires such confidence.                    JPII